For Those Seeking Investment Capital

Aether provides capital to sophisticated management teams that execute specific strategies within real assets. Our primary sectors include oil and natural gas, metals and minerals and agriculture and timber. We do not invest in real estate or listed investment vehicles. We can consider investment structures with the following characteristics:

  • A finite initial investment term, not to exceed ten years
  • A finite capitalization that is right-sized for the opportunity
  • A material financial commitment from management that properly aligns our interests

Most vehicles in which Aether invests resemble traditional private equity fund structures, while others look more similar to operating companies. Regardless of structure, vehicles will typically consist of multiple investments. However, we may selectively consider single-asset investments alongside existing vehicles or fundless sponsors.

Aether does not control day-to-day investment or operating decisions, but does serve in an advisory capacity. We are comfortable acting as the sole source of third-party capital but often invest alongside other institutional investors as well.

For additional information about Aether’s investment activities, please contact us.